Independence, my dear, is a moving target

And that’s why you do not understand the significance of Independence Day. You think it is something in the past. A relic. Done and dusted and locked in a glass showcase.

Independence, my dear, is a moving target. Getting rid of the British was only the beginning of something much bigger. Yet it all stopped there. Happy that we had driven out the British, we called “Mission Accomplished”, raised the flag and took the day off for the next sixty-six years.

We put Independence day in our history books rather than in our daily calenders. We let new rulers, new dynasties keep us in chains, using the same old techniques that our old masters from the across the sea did.

We forgot that August 15 is not just a day for looking back, but a day for marching forward.

– Extracted from “An Independence Day Story“, a superb read from @greatbong.

A fresh start…

More than 11 years since I first came across the concept of “blogging”, I am making a fresh start here. I hope what I write here will reflect the kind of writing I like to read online these days. The domain name is an attempt to take the responsibility that comes with putting a name to what one writes on teh interwebs.

What I will write here is what I think or believe in at the time of writing. You, gentle reader, may or may not agree with it. If you do agree, here’s a *highfive* in advance. In case, you don’t, that’s fine. In fact, it’s great that you disagree. Difference of opinions or points of view is something to be celebrated. Go ahead and disagree with me on comments or on your own blog or on Twitter. But remember…

He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak

-Michel de Montaigne

Since this is a fresh start, I am leaving the baggage of my old blog behind. So here’s to getting reacquainted with long”er”-form writing. I will, of course, continue to be active on Twitter. So you can follow me on Twitter too…