Is the argument against Facebook Free Basics about Net Neutrality?

200px-NetNeutrality_logo.svgMuch as I support Net Neutrality as a concept, I cannot conflate the debate on “Free Basics” with that on Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a larger principle and an ideal worth striving for. “Free Basics” seems to be a part of the jigsaw and more of a Competition / Antitrust law issue.

By making the case against “Free Basics”, one of solely Net Neutrality, the activists (well-meaning and all), may actually be weakening the case for Net Neutrality as a whole.

The Protector

African Lion
Atop the highest rock stood the alpha male, un-moving, regal, as if hewn out of the very rock he stood upon. As the giant, pale yellow moon rose on the horizon, the solitary figure on the rock was silhouetted against it, lending an eerie, almost surreal touch to the scene. His eyes, red as glowing embers, set deep under a huge forehead, surveyed the surroundings. His territory! Over the years, he had expanded it, bit by bit… claiming victories over others who had dared challenge his superiority. His enormous body bore the marks of his triumphs.

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