MS Dhoni, SuperHero

Players like Sachin Tendulkar were Gods. Anything they did, good or bad, was ascribed to their divinity and accepted as gospel by their followers. Most other players are mortals, eking out an existence based on hard work supplemented by some ability.

Then there are SuperHeros, who love putting themselves on the line every single time. They triumph when lesser mortals have fallen. They prefer the buzz of the fight than the glamour of the flashbulbs.

MS Dhoni, SuperHero

But the SuperHeroes are cursed unto eternity, to be doubted when they do good and to be pilloried when they fail. However, they do not mind the punches. When a barrage brings them down, the only thing that they want to do is to sit up, wipe the blood off their lips and the sweat off their brow and look up at adversity with a smile.

The Indian cricket fans should be thankful that their team is led by one.

MS Dhoni, SuperHero.


This is a 3-year old post that I had written in Jan 2013. It is now Mar 2016 and the sentiment expressed in this post applies just as perfectly now as it did then. That is testament to the unique ability of MS Dhoni.
Photo credit: Sevi_Lwa / / CC BY-NC-ND

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